Friday, June 25, 2010


As many of you know, I have been saving for a camera, since whining about it to Cora has not helped.  She hasn't just run out to the local camera shop and gotten me that very expensive camera like I had hoped she would.  She's a wonderful woman, don't get me wrong, but she just has not got the "expensive gifts that I don't absolutely need" thing down...but then, I guess I haven't bought her any jewelery lately, either, so maybe we are even.  Still, she was generous (?) enough to tell me if I could find a way to be rid of the two albatrosses cars in the back I could use any money I got from them for my camera.  Well, I am now $450.00 closer since I sold the Mazda.

I still need to sell the accursed has failed to garner even a single call!  I am going to repost it at a lower price and try and give the add a better spin tonight.

In the meantime, when word gets out that you can draw and paint, people start asking you to do things.  I have now been asked to do a mural on a child's wall (I want to do this, it'd be fun) and, more recently, I have been asked to re-do a sign for Cora's work.  Any money I get for that sign will go to the Camera Fund!  (I am sure you are all saying, "Camera?  What about the baby?"  I want to use IT to take PICTURES of the baby!  I know! Genius!  And still, Cora has not rushed out to buy me a camera!  DRAT!)  I brought the sign home last night and began working on it.  I chipped and scraped and sanded and primed it.  Soon, I will replace the old lettering and logo.  It should not take too long and the sign will be as good as new.


Soon, I will have an after photo.  It may be of interest to you that not one of those letters on the old sign were the same height.  The "S" was 35 inches from top to bottom, while others were just a little over 32 inches from top to bottom.

I get to work alone today.  The other two guys are doing ten hour shifts.  I am pretty happy with the amount of stuff that got done this week.  I think we did a good job and the boss will be pleased.

This weekend?  Hmmm, I can't wait to see what it holds!  Have a good Friday!

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