Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beach Vacation!

We have been gone for almost a week.  We drove to the beach.  We camped for 6 nights.  Our campsite was pretty decent and I think, despite the cold and the breezes, we got some relaxation in.  It rained one morning and we put a tarp over the tent and it stopped and did not rain anymore...until last night...all night...and this morning...all morning.  I hate packing up in the rain.  Fortunately, we made it back to our own, dry, part of the state.

Here are a few pictures to show you what we've been up to.  Above you see us on our way out!  Everyone rode in the cab for the trip out...not so for the way back.  Someone had gas, and it wasn't Cora or me.  We never could satisfactorily discover the culprit.  So our trip there was with the windows down often.
After the ranger lady told us we could come back and trade spots if we didn't like it we began to dread what our site looked like.  As it turned out, our site was very small, and we went back and traded to a much better spot.  As soon as we got the camp set up we went to the beach...the cold, cold beach!  It was freezing and windy that first day, but it got better.  Here is our camp.
We also flew kites on the beach.  This is Cora's stunt kite!
   and below is Cora working her kite!  She was doing the two handed kite dance...very entertaining!
We also drove around the town of Ocean Shores...a few times we saw deer...
When the wild life around town got boring, we drove around Grays Harbor to the town of Westport.  We were about a week early...all the shops were closed and they were repaving the streets, but we did find a great beach with loads of beautiful shells.
Apparently the fishing season is just starting, too.  A friend we know has family here and they run a charter business, so we stopped and said "Hi."
Only a few shops were open...
Here you see Cora shopping to enlarge her wardrobe...
We found sand dollars on one beach, and other shells on different beaches.
We spent a lot of time on the beach, despite it being a cold water beach.
We beach combed, watched the dogs enjoy freedom, and we flew kites.  It's always best to fly kites with a friend.
Oh, and we ate pretty good.  We took steaks for one night, but on other evenings we ate well.
We had Hobos (Not a real hobo, he would have kicked and screamed if we had thrown him on the grill.), and chicken, and hot dogs.
Whenever we were on the beach the dogs were enjoying themselves!  They might have been slower than they were four years ago, but they sure loved it!!
It was chilly.  Even Toby got shivery.  We got him a vest...he looked sharp AND was warm.
One day we drove up to Kalaloch, a very beautiful part of the Washington coastline.  We went to Ruby Beach and played around the tide pools.
Toby thought it was great!
Some of the denizens of the beach and tide pools were kind enough to pose for photos.
Gypsy, the entire time, took every chance available to go swimming in every available body of water.  See below.
Ruby Beach.
Barnacles and mussels.
Us on the beach.
The sun broke through and the mist picked up.  It was beautiful!!
We then traveled back south, and stopped at the "BIG CEDAR TREE."  Yeah, it was big, but this is the picture that got my heart rate going...have I mentioned I love my truck?
Then we went to Kalaloch Beach and had a picnic lunch.
Then home and more relaxation.
then more kite flying...what do you think of the new Crayon Kite?  The dragon we've had for a while.
Toby was digging, so I decided to bury him in the sand...he was cooperative for a short time.
We enjoyed reading during our vacation.
and more reading...note the tarp over the tent.  We did this to prevent the tent from soaking up more than just the morning did not rain after that.
Here is a book I picked up at the local bookstore...this is a pretty good book, even though it is dated.
We also had some decent ward off the cold.
But, we had a very good time.
Yesterday we were about ready to go home, but we stuck to the plan.  We had no sooner gone into the tent, when the skies opened up and began dropping lots and lots of water on us.  It rained all night.  And all morning.  It rained while we packed up.  See that ROPE?  It's still there.  I forgot it.  The dogs, however, we brought home.  See them?  I love those rain coats.  It was a long fun week, but I am glad to be home.


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a great time,so did the dogs.The pictures were great also.


Lorrene said...

Only for the young !!! The dogs are a lot happier than the average dogs.
I loved your kites and all the pictures. I'm glad you took the time off and enjoyed yourselves.

Kelly said...

Looks like it was a great vacation!

Diana, Eric, and kids said...

Wetsuit? Rain coats? Those dogs are SPOILED!

Seriously, it looks like it was a fabulous time. Hope Cora smells better by now!