Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big Plans

I had big plans today, however, all plans have a chance of changing.  Here is last week's sidewalk.  I am really happy with it!
After a week of rain, the Clematis has opened up like crazy!
I had an appointment for new shocks for my truck.  Cora picked me up and we went for a few groceries.
I wanted to stop at the electronics store, but she'd have nothing of it.  This is all I saw.
She DID reward me.  We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant.
Cora borrowed my phone to check out the internet...where was hers?  In her purse next to her.
Below is one of the reasons I like this place!
And this is another...this fried bread is tasty in itself, but add to that the wonderful innards...well, it's heaven in your mouth!  and very filling.
We also went to a yard sale where I got three good books for two dollars each!  And then we went over to the in-laws for dinner.  Our newest niece was down for a visit and we welcomed a reason NOT to cook dinner.

Well, we will just have to do everything tomorrow...I want to sell the cars and a video camera, too.

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Grandma L said...

The food does look yummy. That looks like the old Dairy Queen on 36th and Summitview?
I bought one of those $2.00 good books at a yard sale once and didn't notice until I got home that it was written in Spanish. No problemo, I sold it on Ebay for 3 times as much as I paid for it.