Monday, June 21, 2010


I thought you might like a few more of the incredible 700 pictures we took on our vacation ( I say incredible because neither of us thought we had taken so many!).  Both Cora and I like this photo...even though the top of my head seems to be missing, I like it.
I believe I mentioned I was in charge of fires.  I made small ones through out the week since we brought our own wood and did not want to go spend money on the campground firewood.  I might have been a little stingy with the wood and we had a few smoky fires from it.
As you can see, or perhaps not, Cora is in there somewhere.  She was in the process of taking a smoke bath which was successful, in that even after three showers (AFTER we got back), her hair smelled of smoke.  She also took showers at the camp showers...apparently smoke baths are just too efficient.
She tried to get some reading in, in between smoke plumes.  I am somewhat amazed that she was able to breathe during this time.  I mean, look at that picture above!  No matter how long you stare at it, she never comes out for a breath!!
So, yeah, my fire making skills weren't so good at first.

Today, I started back to work.  As a maintenance man.  We are cleaning out the old elementary school, getting it ready to house yet another school while that school is rebuilt or who knows what?   Still, the mess left behind by the last school has to be cleaned up before the new one can move in.  That is our job.

You didn't think I was cleaning an entire school by myself, did you?  No, I have a "CREW."  That crew was working all last week...I was on vacation.  However, my boss, the great guy he is, told the "crew" to listen to me, since I am their boss...huh?  So, I have seniority among the subs.  Yet, my boss still sends back our beloved lazy bastard.  We also have back a hard worker, though socially inept among conservative macho males.  The next is a new guy, who promises to work out well.  So, that is what I have to look forward to...should be interesting, although, I can obviously not post all of my opinions here.  No need to piss off everyone!

We sent off our application to get a table for our coloring books at the Hop Festival.  First weekend of August!  Come and see.

So, from here on out my beloved sun will sink lower on the horizon.  Days will only grow shorter.  I shall mourn the return to winter, even as we gain the first day of summer.  I know, a real downer, huh?  I think it may have something to do with the weird weather this year.  We had tons more rain later in the spring than usual...good for my lawn, but bad for developing veggies and me sitting outside for extended periods of time.  On the bright side, the heat of the summer is coming!!  The veggies will make it all worth it.

We had BBQ chicken and asparagus was fair fare.


Cora said...

yes you smoked me like a salmon, but if you were trying to smoke me out you failed.

Lorrene said...

I think you can officially say we now live in the wetlands.
As to the smoke, it's a wonder smoky bear didn't show up.
By the way, you look like a cute little couple right out of, Little House on the Prairie.