Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Alright, in the big scheme of things, I may have lost out on a bit of money, but in my head, and in the back yard, everyone is screaming, "HURRAY!!!!"  I SOLD the Mazda!!  Well, me and Craig's List!  I posted it on Craig's List and within minutes someone called.  Then ten minutes after he called, someone else did!

So, the second caller came and looked at it.  He said he would have to talk to his wife.  Then the first guy that called came...he had hooked up his trailer.  He and his employee, as he owns a car dealership, came and looked at it.  They asked me if I'd take $450 for it instead of the $500 I was asking (for a car that does not run).  Of course, I said, "YEAH!!!!!"

We signed all the appropriate paperwork and I looked at the Mazda for one last time.  Then I put the money in an envelope that is set aside for my camera!!  Here is a picture of the Mazda.

I also put the Buick up for sale...surprisingly, no one has even called about the car that runs.  Hopefully, someone will see the potential of a 1977 Buick Skylark Landau.  I'm thinking "Muscle Car."

It was a good day!!  I hope we can sell the Buick and then I will buy my new Camera and whatever is left over will go to the adoption...


Cora said...

Oh you are SO generous. Love you and I am just happy to have it out of the backyard.

Kelly said...

AWESOME!! Maybe I should put MY Mazda on Craig's List, too.