Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week Old B-Reactor Pics

 Last weekend I, and a couple friends, went to a tour of the B-Reactor.  This was my fourth tour.  It was awesome going wiuth some friends who knew the significance of the building.  Not that everyone doesn't sense this, but these guys KNEW.  They were guys with whom I went to college with.  Historians.
 Every time I visit, I see things that I did not before.  Or, I appreciate a different facet.  For instance, this time I paid particular attention to the signs.
 and the labels.  These were hand painted.  Most of them were, some seventy years ago.
Here is a shot I got of Chloe last week.  She's a farmer in the making.
This was a good weekend, if short.  I finally got my smoker box.  This is the addition to my grill that will make it easier to smoke cheese and whatever else I can think of to smoke without adding too much heat to the mix...cheese has this horrible habit of melting if the temperature is too high.  I have to send out a big shout out to my lovely sister-in-law Em for picking it up for me.  It was the last one and she saved me a trip!  I thought I was going to miss out on it.

Tomorrow is my day off, but given that it will be spent with Chloe, it may not actually count as a day off since i will no doubt be running around after her!  Shoot, I don't work THAT much at work!  I have to say that I love that girl though!  She keeps coming up with words we just didn't know she'd heard!  She's awesome!

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