Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Day In The Pool With Chloe

 OK, maybe not the entire day.  Yesterday was HOT.  It was nice and roasty.  And Chloe didn't take a nap, so we were desperate to keep her busy.  She wore a nice two piece that a close family friend had given us.  Did I mention she loves water?  She loves baths and she loves playing in her swimming pool!  She is awesome.

She also did a number on the cereal yesterday.   This is her eating kix...note the milk on the chin...cute, huh?
 Here is our bathing beauty in a collage of pictures i threw together using my photo program.
 and back to the eating.  This girl started out at about 16 pounds and  way off the growth charts.  Over the past seven months we have managed to get her ON to the growth charts!!  She'll probably never be nine feet tall or over 130 pounds, but we are at least making sure she is meeting her nutritional needs!  Here she is at meal time again!
 And this girl LOVES berries.  She loves strawberries, but she is absolutely crazy for raspberries.  I mean, she would walk across a seven lane freeway for a handful of raspberries.  She has managed to keep her grandmother's bush free of berries...well, ripe ones, anyway.  and this morning, she learned that you can put them on your fingers!!   Who thought of this awesomeness?!?
 And here she is looking over her shoulder.   I love it, since she was about to go down the slide and well, I'm in love with this little girl!  She is about 194 kinds of awesome!  Seriously!
We have A LOT of work to do before we are ready for the beach, but we are going to make it and we are going to have fun!

Cora allowed me to purchase a tripod yesterday.  This new tripod is about 40 times better than the old pod, which was intended for video cameras and shows that by an inability to tilt 90 degrees for vertical shots.  The new one does that easily, and also allows easy re-positioning!  It is awesome!  So, if you get the chance, tell Cora thanks!

I have been working to get more out of my photo program.  I figured out how to combine two photos last week, and this weekend, with the help of Tricia from Barn Charm, I have gotten to know some textures.  I will be using those a bit more, you can be sure!  The last one of Chloe uses a texture.  Actually, one I made myself.  This particular texture has my grandmother to thank.  I took a picture of the cover of a book of poems I have from her.  Then I added a border to make it darker at the edges and then I added it to Chloe's picture.  Voila!  Perfecto!


Kayce said...

Cutie!!!! Love that suit and that smile!

Anonymous said...

Love your mix up picture,she is so blasted cute it's a good thing we have digital cameras now with all the pictures you take ,with the old cameras you would have to move to a bigger place so you would have room for the pictures< keep them coming they are great.
Aunt Carol