Sunday, August 28, 2011

Up Again, Even Though It's Quiet

Dammit.  I seem to be coming on to a summer cold.  I am unhappy about that.  I awoke to a sore throat and the feeling that were I to move the wrong way, I would become congested and stop breathing.  Now, I am fairly fond of breathing and decided to get up to take some airborne and some cold medicine.  That is in the works and I am making a post while I drink my cold medicine...Thank goodness we have a little Alka-Seltzer Cold.

A few of these may be the same as Cora has on her blog, but they were too good not to share twice!

Chloe discovered that the feeling of mud between her toes is a fun and enjoyable sensation.  Despite our half-hearted pleas, she played in the sprinkler and mud to cool off.  It was so darned hot and humid that we would probably have been in it too if the hole was big enough!

 She had a great time and thought much of her own actions!  Gotta love this girl!
 She though filling the dog's water bowl was a great idea and took it upon herself to spread the water as far as she could!
 Here, Mom!  I brought you some water!
 She soon got tired and needed a drink...fortunately she has not figured out drinking from the hose yet.
 The reason we were in the back yard in the first place was that I wanted to smoke the tuna we got at the beach.  I used my Father-in-law's recipe and had wonderful results!  That is such sweet fish and the smoke made it melt-in-your-mouth good!
 I saved back a few pieces and we had grilled tuna, steak, and peas...and let's just admit it, the peas were only there because we felt we should have a vegetable present to observe the proceedings!  Though, given the correct amounts of butter, vegetables are good, too!  The soy sauce I used on the fish, plus the other ingredients, made for a delectable dish and a drop of wasabi added a flare that was unexpected and delicious!

When dishing up, I asked Cora if she wanted Africa...she looked over and saw that the steak was, indeed, in the shape of Africa...a yummy beef tasting Africa!
What a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

The food looks good you need to come to my place cook for us. That little thing is learning so much about the fun of mud and the ocean.You and Mama are doing really, really good.
Aunt Carol