Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ew! Thursday!

I was fiddling with my photo program last night and was playing with putting things into other pictures.  I came up with this as a practice example.  Yet, Chloe seems to be expressing my feelings for another day at work...I need rest already!  Also, today will be plagued with beginning of the year meetings.  I wonder if they'll be offended if I fall asleep?  I fell asleep sometime around 9 last night.  The sun and the physical labor beat me.  I still have sore muscles and I could totally go for another 8 hours sleep!

Ewwwwww, Thursday!


Anonymous said...

She is so expressive with her face,she is so darn cute and you seem to catch them all!!
Aunt Carol

jade said...

I kind of preferred the pictures at the beach... and the original picture of the bridge with the nice greens next to it.

sweet momma luv u said...

What program are you using to edit your pictures? I think it must be a blast to do! I am waiting for a new camera.....hopefully someday to get better shots. With our 2 kids you have to have a fast shutter speed!!

= ) jody