Monday, August 22, 2011

A Day in West Port, WA!

We drove to West Port from Ocean Shores on Sunday.  The ferry no longer runs, sadly.  Years ago, Cora and I took that ferry across to West Port and enjoyed it immensely.  Ahh, well, the drive isn't THAT bad...unless you have an unhappy toddler in the car, in which case it seems largely like a drive across Siberia tied to the whistle of a steam locomotive...except the whistle was going all the time.  Yeah, very pleasant.  We finally found that if we kept up a nonsense conversation going at roughly double volume and often talking over each other, she simply quieted down to was not fun, but it was better than listening to her.
We arrived and went to the beach, except the tide was not right for gathering the expected ton of shells.  Still, she got a few.  

We headed for the West Port shops...a nice touristy bunch of shops.  Yesterday was a great day to stop, since there was a sort of street fair going on.  We enjoyed walking through the booths and even got a few items.  Chloe got a couple extra lovies.  She LOVES having more than one lovie!  I got a book written by the youngest American to serve in World War Two.  I even shook his hand. 

There was live music everywhere.  Chloe clapped whenever someone finished a song.  
We visited the West Port Aquarium.  Something we both visited in our childhoods.  Except, now we saw it for what it is, a sad place where fish come to die.  Still, Chloe enjoyed it, even though there were no seals there like when we were kids.
 Here is some of the live music.  The majority of it seemed to be solo male singers and musicians, but this group had a nice down home blue grassy feel that was, well, awesome.
I went down on the floats and took a few pictures.  The boats were in varying states of disrepair, but mostly looked like fishing boats anywhere...which is...well, used.

 I stopped and took a few pictures of a bridge I have admired for decades...finally found a good spot to shoot it.  The greens were awesome!

 We stopped at the light house in West Port.  The folks who were volunteering as camp hosts were kind of rude, commenting on Chloe being to small to go up in the light house, without actually talking to us...Pretty rude, really.  I managed to snag a few pics, though.


Lorrene said...

What I call,God's scenery, cannot be beat. I loved all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I still prefer the color pictures more then the black & white .That is my feeling on it, I like seeing how pretty things are. Washington is such a pretty and colorful state.I still love looking at your picture I look forward to your Blogs.
Aunt Carol