Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Black and White Puzzle

Chloe, over the past few weeks, has found a particular puzzle fun and has gone from frustration at putting the pieces in to a frenetic pace.  At first she was able to do it, but only while you were NOT looking.  If you were watching she would whine and complain and seek help.  However, if you were not looking the pieces went in with amazing ease!  She is quite a funny girl.

She has been pinching our noses and expecting us to go beep beep for a month or so.  Recently, we introduced her to a fun game...missile attack, where Daddy pretends his finger is a missile set to tickle mode and she must defend against it by slapping his hand...sometimes she misses on purpose so she gets tickled.

"She is a wholly remarkable girl," as Douglas Adams may have put it.

Here some from this weekend that didn't make the cut previously.

     Have a good week!

the long road


Kayce said...

Wholly remarkable is right! And pretty darn cute too!

Anonymous said...

Boy!! is she ever going to be a charmer when she gets older you are going to have your hands full!!
Aunt Carol