Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crazy Little Girl

She decided she needed a BUNCH of bows in her hair last night.  Her Mom obliged and this is what we got! You can't really tell, since it looks a bit like a grimace, but she is really hamming it up for the camera.  

She had to jump in my arms so Precious changed handlers, too.  Cora snapped this one of me and my lovely daughter.
 It's been an interesting but surprisingly short summer.  The last few summers have seemed to just meander by, but with Chloe and our revised schedule, we end up going to bed earlier and being tied closer to the house, it just seems to fly by!

The way she is growing is amazing!  It's great to see!  She is growing as fast as the summer is flowing past.  Last night she put on a harness (used to keep new walkers from rushing into traffic...basically a glorified leash), it looks like a cross between a monkey and a back pack, and blew us kisses.  I had a sudden vision of her leaving for school...jeez, this kid is growing way too fast!

Slow down, change gears, ok.

I have a charcoal grill that I am in love with.  It has the option of putting a smoker box on the side.  I recently got that added smoker box and put it on the side...I have NOT used it yet, but I think we will!  Especially for cheese!

I buy "chunk charcoal."  Usually they are less than 5 inches in diameter.  I unloaded the latest bag and found these two giant pieces!  Over a foot in lengths and 7 or 8 inches in diameter...I don't even know how I'd get them started burning!  I broke them down, but I thought it was a little funny, since they would neither fit into the can I use to light my charcoal!
 Happy Wednesday ALL!
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Kayce said...

It is amazing to me as well at how fast they grow and change! Every time I look at my kids there is change somewhere in them. Enjoy every moment!!

Lorrene said...

I think Chloe had a recent growth spurt. It seems like she shot up over night. I love her little hamming it up smile. w

jade said...

the picture of Chloe in your arms is definitely a keeper too!