Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Long And Winding Road

 Today seemed to drag.  It just kept going and going like the Energizer Bunny.  The bastard would not die!  Of course, most days just fly by.  But.  NOT.  today.  Why?  Because we want to go to the beach, and I am as big a kid as the best of them, so all day long I was aching to get I just want to crawl into bed and curl up.  I'm sore and tired.

Speaking of tired, have a look at that car.  I took that picture Monday and really went a little wild editing it...sorry.

You can look forward to a ton of pictures from the beach, since Cora seems to have packed the entire wardrobe...I carried the suitcase out to the car, it felt like two wardrobes.  I will probably be taking photos of each outfit.

Below you see Tobacco being grown in Washington State...yes.  Tobacco.  AND it's behind a fence...wouldn't want our noble citizens sneaking out and grabbing a chaw, now would we?
 Also on that Monday trip with Chloe, I pulled down a road to shoot a wheat field, when I saw a large hawk on a sprinkler, when I slowed to take his picture he took off, so I began moving again...only to have him fly in front of the car.  I MEAN IN FRONT...he kept looking over his shoulders, like he was surprised I was still there.
 He flew there so long I unlimbered the camera and took a few shots.  Finally he got the idea that I was ground bound and he pulled up in a left handed bank leaving me in his six o'clock.
Which is exactly where I aim to leave this Valley tomorrow morning!

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