Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday is Back

 Chloe likes to put things in boxes.  She also likes to put things back into boxes.  She likes to take her clothes off.  She also likes to try to put them back on.  She struggled the other night to put a pair of pants on.  Over and over, she would struggle to pull them up, then OFF they would come for her to start over.  Part of the time she got it right, the other part...well, she looked like she was auditioning for a part as a mermaid because she got both feet into the same pant leg.  She is really fun to watch!

She likes to color, and I am hoping she finds it fun and easy to be artistic.  We have been encouraging her to explore her creative side and will continue to do so, however, there are some things she does that even I won't do with a crayon!

And finally, I was revisiting some of my China pictures last night and found this one.  I altered it a bit from what you might have seen in January...if I did post this...if not, nevermind.
the long road


Kayce said...

HA!! That crayon picture is classic!!

Lorrene said...

How funny!! Up your nose with a crayon might just be the starting of a new fad.
That girl is a natural born comedian.

Wanda said...

OK...I shouldn't have...but I laughed at the crayon picture. Why does everything have to go up the nose?

Amy said...

I love the crayon picture! Everything.......always up the nose!

Anonymous said...

They like the nose even like to put peas and what ever will fit in the nose. She's a silly little girl cute, but SILLY!!!

Anonymous said...

From Aunt Carol up above!!