Friday, October 1, 2010

Morning is Too Early...

Yesterday I awoke, much to my displeasure, at 4:30am.  Today my alarm went off and I could only hit snooze before I sank back into oblivion for five minutes.  It was not actually five minutes.  Of that I am certain, because a second later my adrenalin was pumping because the alarm had gotten past the snooze time of "five minutes" and was buzzing again.  I hit cancel and rolled back to sleep.  10 minutes later, with haze in my head and fog in my eyes, I meandered down the hallway, thankful that I had taken the time to premake coffee.  All I had to do was turn it on and it would do the rest!

I sat in a daze until the brew was sufficient to fill a cup.  I clumped in with one eye open and poured a cup.  Only now am I beginning to feel more human and less zombie.  Not that eating humans was at all a possibility, simply that I felt unclear and unfocused until the coffee kicked in.  How humans exist on TEA alone in the morning is beyond me.  I need that full flavor to creep into my flesh and make me whole after a too-short night of sleep.

Middle school today and a trip to Naches this afternoon over a potential long-term sub job.  Wish me luck.

On a different note, I think we are going to be staying home to clean the house.  To this point we have not had to clean except for company and what surpasses our ability to ignore mess.  I am proud to say our capacity to ignore mess has grown and might now make our mothers faint.  I think, also, I have, over the years, come to a conclusion:  Why fold the clothes and put them in a dresser if they are just going to come right back out again?  Saves time to just leave them in the pile.

  Another important development is the coming of "Steamfresh."  This nifty little ability of our dryer makes ironing certain clothes completely and utterly un-necessary!  In 21 minutes your clothes are unwrinkled and fresh and warm and I look like a hundred dollars (I not gonna lie, it'd take a good deal more than fresh clothing to make me look like a million dollars, and I set low goals, so I am often pleased!).

Well, maybe I'll take some photos this weekend.  Seems there is always something to take a picture of.  Yesterday, I saw two helicopters in formation.  I had my camera ready and snapped a few.  I'd show you, but the pictures were for identification purposes and not for the viewing of discerning people...which could also mean they helicopters appear as insignificant dots, but when enlarged will show enough detail for me to verify the aircraft type.  Usually, very boring for normal folks...but then, do I really have "normal" readers?

Well, time for another gallon of coffee and maybe I'll be ready to face the day.  Happy first day of October!  And happy Friday!!!!!

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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Did you get enough coffee this morning? I just ordered a new coffee maker and I sure hope that I can set it up the night before to brew.

Good luck on the long-term sub gig!