Wednesday, October 6, 2010

F-f-fall is Here

Yes, it was a bit chilly this morning.  A wee bit chillier than yesterday.  If I don't put on a little more blubber I may actually need to wear a jacket in the coming mornings.  I may also have to turn on the heater...damn you Winter!  This is where living in a cave might be a good idea.  See, caves are underground and you might as well live underground if it isn't summer or spring.  Does anyone have a cave for us to live in?  Huh?  No?  Damn.

I got to sub for first graders yesterday.  It is fascinating to see the relationships between kids.  I had one kindergärtner a couple years ago, and I had his younger brother yesterday.  Amazing the similarities in appearance, but as usual, they have such different personalities that you could never mix them up.  Both were quiet, but the older brother was a little more prone to acting out toward his peers.  Maybe little bro has a better idea of what is expected from watching his older brother make the wrong decisions...or maybe he's just naturally better at interpersonal relationships.  Hmmm, probably a subject better left to people who care.  Sorry for ruminating.

Yeah, so, anyway, back to this oppressive dark coming season:  I am ready for spring.  


ccd said...

Oh you weather humbug, the season coming up is wonderful-- especially if you host TG. haha. I would think that MR. Camera face 2 would be looking forward to the changing foliage colors to stretch his Nikon legs. Have a good cold winter. Soon we will be starting a fire in our wood stove-- can't wait!

SpunkyBookworm said...

I know what you're saying. I'm freezing, yet I the weather will be jacketless by this afternoon. I REFUSE to turn on the heat till November. Maybe baking and then opening the oven when I turn it off will work, though. :D

Come over to the westside and see some great maples change color, though!

Cora said...

Boy you get grumpy in the Fall. I like the cool mornings!
I think we might be busy around TG or at least I hope so!!

Kelly said...

I LOVE fall!!!!