Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome Little Nephew!!

My sister has been pregnant…for about 9months.  Well, yesterday, she finally became “un-pregnant” and gave me another nephew!  Let me just say, I called the day.  Just like my adorable niece, some almost seven years ago, I called the DAY!  HELLO!  I AM awesome!  Of course, with her, I also called the sex.  This time, I was only mildly disappointed with my psychic abilities.  At least I got the day right.  So, with no further ado, let me welcome Jonathon to the world!!  He shares his uncle’s good looks, and hopefully, his uncle’s love of airplanes.  For those interested, he was nine something pounds and is pink, which I am told will stick with him for awhile, but he will eventually attain a more manly color.  As to other details?  I heard the important ones:  BOY, Born, nine something, something, something, Jonathon. 

So, there you have it!  I am an uncle again, and you won’t believe how much effort I expended to become such!  I strained and I heaved and I texted my sister to ask her when my niece was coming (OK, I already said it, I was right about the important part:  the date).  That wasn’t hard work you say?  Well, I did it several times!  Yeah, I did.  I even have sore muscles!  you ARE welcome, little Jonathon!!

Now, on to me.  I am awake at a quarter after 1AM.  Why you ask?  Well, in the aircraft industry, I have developed what they call a flutter.  An aerodynamic flutter to be exact.  When I breathe in, especially when I may have some minor allergy or cold symptoms, certain parts of my breathing apparatus develop a flutter, creating a buzz at a fairly slow frequency.  This buzz, when heard by my beloved wife, is described as a snore.  It doesn’t really matter what side I sleep on, the aerodynamic flutter sets in when I approach REM sleep, and then her sleep pattern gets disrupted.  As does mine, really, since I woke myself up with the flutter last night.  So, in the interest of a happy marriage, I took a sudafed and some cold meds before bed time…I was out of night-time meds, so took day-time…well, that wasn’t enough to counteract the sudafed’s effect of waking me up.  So, here I am awake.

Hopefully, I will tire in a little while and go back to bed, otherwise I may have a miserable day ahead of me.  On the bright side, this is excellent practice for having a baby, right?   


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Poor kid...saddled with those looks!

Lorrene said...

Where is his picture? I want to see him. Does he have red hair? I know his mommy and brother and aunt have it. I love red hair.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Where are the pictures didn't you have your baby with you????
Aunt Carol