Friday, October 22, 2010

Bizarre Bazaar

We are selling our coloring books, crayon rolls, and That's My Pan at a Bazaar!  We are situated in a local church's "gym."  There are about a dozen or so vendors.  We were really excited!

Until we got there.

Then within the space of an hour we had about four different people come through and be rude to us.  These were not younger people.  They were not people who seemed mentally challenged (Though I had second thoughts after hearing them speak).  They were not inner city uneducated poor people.  These were mature (post 45 years) and probably middle class people.  They must not have heard their mothers say, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all."  (Thumper's Mom was a very good mother, by the way[Remember Bambi?])

The comments ranged from what we've heard before to some that were completely new.  "Why China?"  is common, and I can answer it well enough.  "Why another country when there are orphans here?" is another good one, which I have answers for.  I was NOT prepared for, "They kill babies in China."  This stated as FACT not hearsay.  Then the lady would not listen when we pointed out very obvious proof that that is NOT the case (Chloe's picture).  She would hear none of it.

Another came by and said, "My daughter adopted three kids and it was the worst thing ever."  (I am paraphrasing)  Later, Cora said,  "We should have just said, 'oh, thanks for that!  We'll just pack up and go home.  You just saved us a lot of trouble.'"  It seems hind sight makes both of us clever.

Another said, "There are thousands of orphans here." and walked away.  He left us blinking at each other in amazement.

On the bright side, though, these people were an absolute minority.  It must simply have been chance that all of them appeared within the first hour.  The rest of the day saw us meet many people who were VERY supportive!  One lady simply gave us a donation!  We offered to give her a coloring book, but she would have none of that!  Others came and bought color books, color rolls, or expressed definite interest in "That's My Pan."

Overall, I think it has been a positive experience.  I am looking forward to tomorrow, it should be busier!!

We were gone for quite some time...when we got home, the kids (Dogs and Cat) swarmed Cora.  She was trying to check her email from behind a cat and a dog in her lap, while the big dog lay at her feet.

I would also like to thank all of our wonderful families who support us and love our lovely daughter so much before she is even home!  Chloe!  You are loved by so many people already, you will have a hard time avoiding hugs when you're ready for them, and even when you are not.  We want you home now and we love you.  
I see this picture of you that Lisa, of Long Road to China, took of you on Wednesday, and I just want to come get you, RIGHT NOW.  You just don't know how much we love you already!  (Thank you Lisa, you have NO IDEA how happy you have made us!)


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I am very glad that you didn't let those ignorant morons get you down! People try to connect with you with shared experience, but many need to think before they open their pie-holes or just talk about the weather! Start practicing the nice retorts now cause you don't want to go off on someone in front of Chloe! My approach to public places (grocery store most of all!) is to just walk with my chin held high with a glowing smile fixed on Dori and ignore people's stares and comments. Most people just smile or tell me how cute she is. You will QUICKLY get used to stares cause you will be STARED at in China!!! Ten-fold because of your red hair!

I hope you sold TONS today!

Anonymous said...

Please don't let people like that get you down,they have just little pea brains in there heads.You have lots and lots wishing you guys well and can't wait to see you with Chloe in your arms,and back home.
Aunt Carol