Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Day


I took this snap shot on Saturday.  It’s my favorite niece (that was at the Balloon Rally).  We really had fun!

Yesterday, I was at WHS and it was hot.  Today, I was at SHS…and it was hot.  I told the kids it was because I had looked in the mirror this morning and told myself, “You. look.  HOT!”  For some weird reason they chuckled about that.  Weird.

Our adoption is nearing.  I truly feel that.  That is a VERY strange feeling, because we have spent so much time looking at it from a distance.  We are really beginning to get our hopes up.  What’s different is that China has a set course of events that need to happen.  Burundi was like walking through a mine field, every time we took a step forward a paperwork landmine blew up in our face and blew us back.  Of course, we have been with our agency for several years now and we feel we can count on them.  That is, we have complete and utter confidence in their incompetence.  It seems likely they will figure out a new way to mess it up, whether that is “forgetting” to mail something or “misplacing” something important.  Still, they can’t screw everything up…can they?


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Konrad said...

Favoritism? How horrible. ;)

Cora said...

It will happen! And I must say she is my favorite 6 year old niece too :0)!! Great shot captures her personality perfectly!