Saturday, October 16, 2010

P-38H Wreck!!

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I got an email a few weeks ago from a fellow wreck chasing enthusiast, asking me if I wanted to go find that P-38H wreck that managed to elude me last summer.  Of course I said, “Yeah!”

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Wearing hunter orange for safety.

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Above is a cylinder case, the five plus inch cylinder ran up and down this!! 

Below is the exhaust manifold from one of the engines.

DSC_0076 - Copy

I’m not positive, but this might be part of a machine gun.

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Below is what seemed to me to be the channel for the flaps.

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This next photo is of something that was very exciting for both of us.  It’s one of the turbo-superchargers!!!  This took exhaust gases and used them to compress incoming air into the carburetor, allowing the aircraft to fly higher and faster.  It appears to have been still spinning when it hit the ground. 

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The big find of the day was this: 

DSC_0155 - Copy

DSC_0156 - Copy

It is the head from half of the engine.  There are still plugs in it. 

DSC_0157 - Copy

This is definitely part of a machine gun.


below are a few rounds from the machine guns.





We probably hiked about three or four miles, up and down a VERY steep hill side.  We climbed down from the top, descending about 3-400 feet, possibly more!  I am pooped!


Cora and her sisters were shopping.  I assume emptying the bank account on baby items…of course, they may have been registering at Target, like she said they were.  Whatever, she let me have my fun!  AND I DID!!!!

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Lorrene said...

Wow! you really hit the jackpot this time.
Leave those girls alone. Let them do their shopping.