Monday, October 25, 2010

Damned Computer

My damned computer is going to fly to Texas again for a little R&R.  I will remain here in frigid old Washington State.  I will not be posting much until it returns from warmer climates.

I WOULD like to wish my SISTER a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, though!  Happy Birthday Sis!  I can't believe you are SOOOO OLD!

So, if you see my sister on the street, wish her a happy birthday and ask her just how old she is! (Hint: OVER 30)

Now, I am off to warp teach young minds!


ccd said...

Thank you for the love =D

And why did you strike out the word???

Lorrene said...

Happy Birthday to your sister and this is also Katie's birthday. My granddaugher. I was right there at the hospital when it happened. A nurse had just told me that the baby won't be born until this afternoon. A couple minutes later I saw Dennis walking up the hall with a newborn in his arms. It was Katie.
My verfication word is ovenf. The baby still in the oven?

Cora said...

What will you do? you will have to share a computer with me, mwah ha ha ha.