Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Anniversary Gift

 This is how we looked eleven years ago.  We look so young when you compare it with the next photo.  It is great to share your life with someone who can finish your sentences and read your mind.  Even last night I was going to ask her a question, but managed one word and then paused, she answered the question as though I had said the entire sentence.  I am still in love!
 And then, this morning we got the best anniversary gift ever.  This is a photo of our little Chloe.  Someone who is going to China soon for their daughter had some photos of Chloe from someone else who had been there for their child.  All from the same orphanage!  How COOL is that?  She recognized Chloe and sent us the photos!  Our agency hasn't been able to provide more photos yet, but perfect strangers have come through for us!!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Isn't she simply beautiful?  I can't wait to hold her!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

You guys look like you are 17!!!

Lorrene said...

What a Beauty. That baby is a doll. Just beautiful.
I am glad you were'nt as young as you looked in that first picture.
You had a beautiful wedding.

Anonymous said...

Happy Annversary Where did all the time go - 11 years WOW. If you are older what am I- then again dinoarus roamed the earth when I was a child. I even had a pet named Dino and Fred and Willma was my parents. I am the child they never talk about. Either way Happy Day mom

SpunkyBookworm said...

Gorgeous pics! All of them. Chloe is simply beautiful and she's so special. So happy for you!

Kelly said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!!!