Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's BACK! I can't believe it, IT'S BACK!!!

I got home this afternoon and there was a FedEx tag on the door.  I got hopeful for a moment.  I thought, "Maybe we got our Travel Approval for the adoption!"  Then, I thought, no, the agency would have called.  They haven't called.  I thought, "maybe it's my computer." didn't leave until Tuesday, so it didn't get to Texas until Wednesday morning.  So, they couldn't have fixed it and sent it off again on the SAME DAY!  So, I set the tag on Cora's chair and decided to ask her what she was expecting when she got home.

She got home sooner than expected.  Within a few minutes of me, actually.  So, I posed her my question.  She looked equally as confused.  I said I was going to run into town to get whatever our package was. She suggested I pick up dinner, too.

So, off I went.  I walked into the FedEx place and handed the lady my tag.  She disappeared and reappeared with my computer...well, a computer sized box.  I had her tell me where from.  She said Hewlett Packard...I dropped my jaw.  Unsure of whether to be happy or annoyed.  On the one hand they might have fixed it and sent it off.  On the other hand, and seemingly more likely, they probably just turned it around and sent it off again without even looking at it.

When I opened it up, it was obvious that things were a little different.  The cord seemed different.  I looked at the sheet and it seems they gave me a new battery, a new cord, and a new of charge!  TOO AWESOME!!  I was afraid that I'd be sharing a computer with Cora for another week!


Lorrene said...

That is fantastic. You paid extra for the rush, but that is almost unreal. I guess money really does talk.

Kelly said...

WOW - that's great! Now, did you remember to pick up supper? :)

ccd said...

Well... did you get dinner or not? That is what's important ;]