Thursday, October 21, 2010

Computer Problems...Again

This is starting to become a reoccurring nightmare.  My computer power receptacle is not long for this world and no amount of 2X4s and duct tape will save it.  Fortunately, it is still under warranty.  I'll be sans computer for a week or so, but Cora is a gracious wife, and has agreed to allow me to borrow hers on occasion.  I paid an extra $16 to have it expedited.  So, for $16 it should take roughly half the time and that is well worth it!  Especially since I need the damned thing to get jobs and pictures of our girl!!

I had first graders yesterday.  What a day!  I was on my feet a lot.  But, I was happy to know I have never had my hair cut by kids in a class.  Maybe a few drawings lifted, but never have I come to personal harm or foul.  Not so one of the other subs.  Apparently one of the kids used scissors and gave her a little hair cut while she was not looking.  Amazing!  Either those kids have a lot of gall or she was lousy at paying attention to who was behind her.

Another sub was having trouble with one of her kids and I offered her the option of sending him over to me.  Apparently the threat of that straightened him up.  Too funny!  And I am SUCH a nice guy.

Now, let's all hope for a speedy recovery for my computer!!!

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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

What is Cora going to do with her new found $16?