Saturday, August 28, 2010

Visit The Family!

Emma sweet

We dropped by my sister’s house.  They made dinner!  Fortunately we had the forethought to bring desert.  I had my camera…which is a good thing, since my Nephews and niece are so darned photogenic!

Oh, and so is my brother-in-law…did I mention that?  Look at those eyes! 


I enjoy taking pictures of my oldest nephew.  He is excellent at working for the camera.  Even his expression works!


He is awesome to take pictures of.  He even got curious about my camera and I let him look through it.


Tell me he isn’t 100% boy!


And yet, my niece is 100% girl!

Emma Sweet1

Here is my BIL, he finds me to be completely hilarious.  He is one of my biggest fans.

Scott again

As is my other nephew, look at those adoring eyes.


It was great to see everyone!


About the Sleepy Dreamer said...

Great pictures Jim!

Lorrene said...

That first picture of your BIL is fantastic. If you want a second job you could start your own photography business. All the pictures are great.

ccd said...

Thanks for the smile today, and thank you for not posting a picture of me =) Really.
Enjoyed our visit- great pics.