Sunday, August 22, 2010

Send in the Clowns…Fish!

Sometimes you need to have a bit of humor.  Sometimes a clown isn’t just weird.  This is the only case where I have discovered Clowns are O.K.  Clownfish.  I like them.


The big one is the female, the small one is a male.  They are a mating pair.



We have had a very good weekend!  We took it easy yesterday, apart from visiting with our friends.  We did some minor things around the house.  Today was similar.  I began working on the sign yesterday, and continued today.  Here is how it is coming along, so far.  Not too bad so far.


Cora decided to paint the two columns on our front porch.  They have been plain old cedar for the past ten years, but we have tossed the idea of painting them for awhile.  Cora got the idea to do it today.  I think she started with good intentions.


She got more, I think, than she bargained for, though.  Fortunately, I was holding my camera at that particular moment…


She had a good attitude, though.


Now, we await the product of the grill!!  Pork chops, Corn on the cob, and my version of french fries!  Bound to be good!!

1 comment:

Lorrene said...

Well at least she didn't step in the bucket. Or did she?
Clown fish are cute. I wonder what fish talk about. Those look like they are having a conversation.