Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Play Favorites?

Do you ever play favorites?  I was just wondering.  I try not to, but it is a natural human predilection it seems.  I somehow managed to become the foreman/supervisor for the maintenance subs this year.  I am still not sure how or why that happened.  Nevertheless, the boss is gone this week and I get to keep my minions busy.  I have chosen, or at least been guided by the boss and chosen to follow his commands, to set my team to weeding along the road.  I, on the other hand, get to paint a shed.  There are a few easier tasks that need to be completed, too.  I have decided to let one of the nicer guys do that.  The others get to weed.  So, I guess, yeah, I play favoritism.

I bound something along the lines of seventy-five books yesterday.  Then Cora and I put the words to the story and I will be printing that tonight!!  Are you all excited?  It is a really cute story.  Come on by the Hop Festival Friday and Saturday to find out just how cute! 

Our garden seems to be yielding it’s treasure very slowly.  There is an orange tomato out there…not yet ready to pick…maybe a few more hot days will help that.  I hope other peoples gardens are doing better than ours.

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ccd said...

Yep, just starting to get a bumper crop off these past two days. Not on my cukes but tomatoes, onions and such.