Saturday, August 14, 2010

Experimentation and Relaxation

After the stress of the past few weeks, Cora and i are taking it easy.  I have been playing with my camera and discovering its parameters and capabilities.  Check out these pictures!repro repro2

I started with an opaque mixture of water and food coloring.  The camera did some of the work.  I did the rest.

I’ve always liked landscapes, but nothing ever seems to do the job.  I have heard abo0ut stitching software and finally tried one.  Below you see my first attempt.  This was taken from the end of one of the hills on Konowac Pass.  I drove out and took the pictures just so I’d have something to put into the program!  It is cool!

stitched  I can’t wait to try some others on this!!  try it yourself, or you can go to the larger part here.

Like I said, today has been a nice mixture of relaxing and doing house work.  Nothing big going on…this is the life.

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