Thursday, August 26, 2010

Room With a View


So, the other day I heard a jet and went to investigate.  I ended up upon a nearby ridge and found the jet.  An F-15 was making runs.  I took some photos.  Then I looked behind me and…this is what I saw.  The day was hazy, but I think it showed well.  It was a simple matter of point and click…


It’s been a decent week.  I am feeling more and more ready to return to school.  It may be the fact that I have been around the same guys all summer.  It may be the fact that now everyone is returning to the district and it is more difficult to find a quiet place to work.  I am certain another part is that I am just missing the kids. 

Tomorrow we have some “beginning of the year” meetings.  Most likely “what not to do” meetings.  There are two spaced through the day and it should make working on any particular project difficult.  Of course, the morning meeting will see DONUTS!!


Lorrene said...

I see a couple out there. Must be married because they went to the boonies so they wouldn't take a chance on getting caught and who shows up... Awesome Jim and his camera and posts it on the world wide web.

Or is it like looking at clouds and you imagine all kinds of things. Tell me I'm not the only one.

Lorrene said...

I just now realize your title is Room with a view. I'm a little slow ont he trigger.