Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heating Up!

It was a hot day.  I did some running around, and I saw some smoke.  Well, you know, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  Sure enough!!  I JUST HAPPENED to have my Precious D-90 with me, so I decided to investigate.  I like this first picture, because of the little fire engine sign at the lower right.


And…look at this one!!   I think this little girl was surprised by the fire, too!


Luckily, Yakima’s finest were there already!


FIRE!!!  Was in a building.  I joined the other on-lookers, gawking at the spectacle.  The difference was, instead of using my cell phone to record it, I was using a D-90!


The policeman there said I could take pictures as long as I didn’t get in the way.  I suppose that was his way of saying, “don’t go running into that flaming building kid.”


The smoke went quite a ways up!


At one point they were trying to keep the walls cooled.


The flames continued.  The closed down one of the main roads in town.  The warehouse stored furniture.


fire9 fire10

These last two were taken from four miles away.  Cora said she could see it from down in the VALLEY!!

fire11 fire12


Kelly said...

Bragger - I'm still jealous of the camera. :)

But I do love the shots you get!

Lorrene said...

Was that a stroke of luck or what.
The owner of a D90 camera just happens to come upon this scene.
Kelly, tell Shawn that all you want for Christmas is a D90 Camera. It might work.

ccd said...

Fun pics, but I don't think the fireman was thinking "kid" at any point in addressing you. I hate to tell you but your a grown up and look like it now. Old Old old! ;)

Kelly said...

You know, Aunt Lorrene, that just might work with all of the grandbabies we have now!!