Friday, August 6, 2010

Hop Festival!!!!!


Here I am!  Just before the official opening of the Hop Festival.  It was slow going at first.


We worked hard to got everything set up!  But it turned out well!  Remember that kite we got on vacation?  Have a look below!


We had several visitors!  I saw many of my students, some who stopped meant more than others.  One was particularly touching in her earnest wish to help us to get a child.  Others stopped and were wowed by my drawing skills.  Some called me an artist…not so sure about that, but I can make a passable sketch.  Still, I was happy to see many whom I had not seen since before school let out.

We had friends and relations stop in, too!  All were welcomed and appreciated!  One particular relation drew a lot of attention.  Ms. Leah stopped in.  Her Mommy brought her to visit.  Here is a picture of Cora and her niece.  Cute couple, huh? 


We sold about 20 books.  We hope to sell more tomorrow, because the people out tonight were the kids out looking to socialize and the people looking to go to the beer tent.  We hope to see more families tomorrow, and to likewise sell more color books.  Wish us luck!!  Better yet, stop on by!