Friday, August 27, 2010

Mountain Dawn


So, I took my Precious to work…I wanted to get the dawn as it struck the mountain tops.  They show pink while everything else is blue.  It is something I think few appreciate.  It is something I grew up with, but my time in California made me appreciate our wonderful geology and geography.  If you don’t live here, you don’t understand what we see everyday. 


Yeah, folks, those are TWO different mountains.  We have several here.  The first is Mount Rainier, the lower is Mount Adams.  pretty cool, huh?

We had meetings today.  Beginning of the year type meetings.  One was for our department.  That was not nearly as tedious as the other.  On the bright side, one of my favorite coworkers showed up, after spending the summer recuperating from a broken leg…when I say broken, we might as well describe it as shattered.  He still has a couple more weeks before he can come back. 


The second meeting was…a joke.  I am not sure how others kept a straight face.  Unless they bought into it…and that’s just scary.  I felt like Hermione during Umbridge’s speech (if you haven’t read Harry Potter, just give up trying to get this)!  I was seeing things that others did not…well, maybe they did, but they did not let it show on their face.  Oh, and now I have to make sure my interaction with students does not cross a boundary, though it is often OK to cross a boundary, but if someone else sees they are obligated to report it…but it’s ok…sort of…and crossing a boundary is as easy as touching a student on the shoulder…are you all getting this?  They said it’s ok to touch a student on the shoulder, but it is also a boundary.  Anytime you see someone cross a boundary you are obligated to report it…seems like a catch 22.  So, should I report every hug I receive from over-zealous kinders, because technically a boundary has been crossed?  To put it in the lexicon of one of my coworkers, I was “rattled.” 

I drove through town to deliver a resume and application.  No need to get excited, folks, I won’t get this one, but a friend pointed it out for me and even wrote a letter recommending me…still, my qualifications are minimal for this job…which is not to say i could not do it, I learn fast and am capable, but I think someone else will be more qualified.

Anyway, I kept seeing cops all the way into town.  Of course, this is because of the local State Troopers that died in a house fire.  I knew one of them.  He was a regular at the truck stop I worked at when I was in High School.  I can’t remember for sure, but he may have pulled me over once…still, he was a really nice guy.  I might have attended his funeral had it been on a Saturday.  Our state sends cops from all around to these funerals, and Washington has seen too many of late.  I saw several cars from both sides of the state.  Spokane, Seattle, etc.  I’d have liked to have seen it…I had not seen him in at least sixteen years, but he will be missed.  Good guys always are.  Below you can see a couple from Pierce county.


We had pizza tonight…Canadian Bacon… good stuff. 

My newest Nephew swallowed a nickel today…after a visit to the hospital, he is better.  We all hope he gets a good night’s sleep and also hope he has learned a lesson.  Of course, while I do care for his safety and love him very much, my sense of humor cannot help but rear its ugly head:  Maybe he thought it was time for a change.


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glad you learned something about boundaries :0) good pictures.

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Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about the trooper.

But I enjoy your sense of humor. :)