Monday, August 2, 2010

Like a Lion


This is Sully.  He is our cat.  And he sometimes strikes me as though he thinks he is a lion.  On other occasions he is just a clumsy cat.  Nevertheless he is ours.  I liked this picture and decided to share.

This week promises to be a busy week.  One of the maintenance guys is gone, the boss is gone and so is one of the guys in the buildings.  I think we have plenty of work ahead of us.  I can keep them busy and they will probably be working harder than they would have if it were all normal…I don’t mind.  I’ve gotten good at delegation.  I plan to be on the mower as much as possible to prevent getting stupid calls from Hose B.  Friday he called me and wanted to know where he could find a stir stick for paint.  I told him to LOOK AROUND and find something stick like.  Then use it to stir!  I was annoyed.  But, I seem easily annoyed.  Oh, well.

I managed to bind about seventy color books yesterday and mowed the lawn (which needed it).  [Hey, does it seem weird that i can grow grass and weeds easily enough, but ripe tomatoes??  Can’t get those nor decent zucchinis.  This summer sucks]  Cora managed to sew an unbelievable number of crayon rolls yesterday.  Not to mention the newly refurbished crayons…you really have to come to the Hop Festival to get a handle on what this woman has done!  She is crazy creative!  Me?  I can draw…so what.  Cora is all-around awesome.

Well, when this week is over I might get to go back to a normal routine…I hope.  I would really like to get up into the mountains…with my camera.  Actually, I just want to forget about color books for awhile.  I still have another 70 books to bind and then 100 of the story…which I am beginning to wonder about.  Still, onward and upward!


Cora said...

We can do it! But I am ready to crash

ccd said...

Sounds like work. Wish I could crawl back in bed. Plan to see you guys up there Friday.