Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Forest Fires are Helpful.


There is a fire somewhere, a hundred or two miles away to the north.  Sucks for them, but sunrise is sure pretty here.  Yesterday, the sun rose absolutely red!  It was gorgeous.  I did NOT have my camera.  Today, I could not allow that to happen.  And what you see above is on the way to work.

Have you seen Pepper?  She’s beautiful!


Oh, and it’s been awhile since I showed a picture of a sunflower…I felt I might have deluged you with sunflower pics, so I decided not to post so many.


I painted two sides of a building today.  It was hot.  I scraped and scraped, but still that building illustrates the point brought home by Darnell in the movie Christine:  “You can’t polish a turd.”  I got the impression that the boss wanted it done with a minimum of effort and expense…however, I was then told to just go get some new paint…our old stuff was not capable of covering the building.  That bare wood sucked up a lot of paint. 

I need to collate the newest coloring books.  I have 100 to do…should be absolutely boring.

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Lorrene said...

Pepper is wishing she could either take her coat off or move to Alaska. She is beautiful. Sunflower's are so pretty. They don't smell that great, but they are beautiful.