Saturday, June 30, 2012

TNT, She's Dynamite!

I took Chloe for a walk the other day and when we rounded the corner to the fireworks stand, she looked over and said, "Fireworks!"  I don't recall telling her what it was or where we were going.  She is a genius.  When we got them she HAD to carry them home.

She spent about 15 minutes throwing the pop-its on the ground.  She was not always able to get them to hit hard enough to detonate, so I showed her how to stomp on them to make them go off.  She would stomp about 22 times to get one, but she had fun doing it!
And was she proud to carry her fireworks home!
It was a long week.  We have been moving furniture, taking things to the dump, rearranging storage areas, and yesterday, we painted...then we were pulled off that project to fix an irrigation leak.  Sad, when all I want to do is this:
and this:
That is, I want to take pictures.  Alas, I am not independently wealthy.  Why won't Bill Gates finally admit we are related?  Or Paul Allen?  I think I might be related to them...maybe Paul will give me a ride in one of his airplanes?  Nah...probably not.

My Mom and Dad's Anniversary is today.  They have been married for forty years.  Can you believe that?  FORTY YEARS!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mom and Dad!

We were supposed to throw my parents a fortieth anniversary celebration, but my sister ended up selling her house and having to move, and, well, I've been busy making sure I was all grown-up and teachery, then things just did not fall into place.  I think we'll manage a fiftieth, though!  They are actually attending a wedding today.

Well, Chloe got up at 5am this morning.  Cora, being the excellent woman she is, got up with Chloe when it was obvious she wouldn't sleep in bed with us.  I was allowed another couple hours sleep.  That sleep was interrupted...several times by a short person opening the door and coming in and telling me when I woke up we would go on a bear hunt.  I asked her what time it was and she said, "Forty-nine."  I asked her to come back at fifty-three.  She came back in and said it was forty-nine again...dang it, I think she let me sleep late!

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Lorrene said...

What a cute little dress. I'll bet Cora made it.
Congrats to Jim and Yvonne. It's becoming a rare accomplishment to be married that long in this world.