Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get Along Little Doggies...and Kitty.

 I took a few pictures with my toy lens yesterday.  Then I edited them.

 Well, the end is nigh.  I am done giving finals, except to a few stragglers who were playing in the band for graduation.  Today will probably be half movie and half giving papers back and taking the last of the late work.  I think i was OVERLY generous on my late work time I get a week.  Of course, I may not be given so many ...less than ambitious souls, too.  Ah, well, it has been a good half year.  I was counting the months, and they have been MY students longer than they were the previous teacher' they are mine.

Today was some weird weather.  There was incessant heat mixed with humidity and then there were gully washers and then there were none.  The clouds would drop a ton of rain in HUGE drops and then it would be over as quickly as it came...I think this is MAY weather, but the temperatures...those are June/July.  I'm not complaining, but I know some kids who were.  I was in my room an hour after school with a full five students rushing to get work completed.  Ah, procrastinators.

 I finally replaced the hose.  We got irrigation a couple years ago, and we have a timer set up.  Well, last year's hose from the spicket in the alley broke in the winter, so I replaced it.  Sunday afternoon, Cora and I were in the bedroom putting clothes away and she said, "It sounds like water is running in the bathroom."  I went over and was coming from the window...I opened the window.  I looked out to see the new hose had failed and was spewing forth a multitude of water into our pathetic little garden.  (Our onions have grown an inch, the tomatoes seem to be in suspended animation, and the grass in the back yard is like the hair on a man who desperately WANTS hair.  Our backyard oasis is still a long way off.  DAMMIT.)   So, I replaced the hose and we have water to the pathetic yard again.

The kitty came out and play amongst the Chloe-created mess.
We were hoping to go away for the weekend, but alas we have no dog watchers and we are left with the option of a day trip with a two year old, which ALWAYS ends so pleasantly, or waiting to do something...I'm not sure.  I think I will get the dogs shots and be ready to board them.  Money be damned, it's Father's Day!!

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