Friday, June 1, 2012

Cold Drink In Hand!

Happy June 1st all!  It is good to see Summer coming!  I've felt it in the air all Spring!  Unlike previous Springs when it snowed in the middle of April, this has been a warm one.  I approve!  I like the heat.  I like summer days where you can fall asleep at the wheel of a tractor (been there, done that) and then come home for a cold, refreshing beer...or other cold beverage.

This promises to be a lovely summer.  Our backyard, while far from being the paradise we had envisioned in April, IS, however, coming along.  Little baby steps! The grass we planted is coming up.  The tomatoes and broccoli are coming along and, of our four strawberry plants, we've gotten to enjoy ONE strawberry, split three ways.  It was yummy, though.

Speaking of beverages, though, today was the first time hard liquor could be sold in a grocery store.  To some of you that may not be a big thing, but here in good ol' Washington state, it's akin to having a giraffe in your backyard.  Cool, but somehow weird, and awkward.  I ventured to the Costco this afternoon and bought a couple bottles.

If you did not know it, Washington State had a monopoly on hard liquor until today.  A 1.75 liter bottle of Black Velvet that sold in California for $11.99, but here it was about $26.99.  And you could only buy liquor from a state store or one of very few privately owned, but state licensed liquor stores.  Now, though, that has changed!  We voted for a change.  Seems Washington is full of voters who don't drink, because it was closer than I'd've thought!  Despite that, there sure were a bunch people at Costco!  I don't think I've ever seen their parking lot so full.  Not even at Christmas!

The prices listed were reasonable, until you read the little placard that tells you there will be a $6.60 tax added to each 1.75 liter bottle...and that does not address the 20.5 % tax added at the very end!  I bought two bottles of liquor.  Without tax they would have been $31.00, but you add $6.60 twice and then the 20.5% tax which ends up being $6.30 and I had something to the effect of $19.00 worth of taxes!  I think Costco has done it that way to show the non-voting public just how ridiculous our taxes are.  But, maybe, I am attributing too much thought to Costco's pricing practices, but maybe Mr. John Q. Non-voting Public will rush out to the voting booth next time and show a damned opinion.

It's been a good, if short week.  I like short weeks.  

As for the weekend?  It's up for grabs!  Who knows what we shall do!  I will leave you with a picture of Chloe enjoying a cold drink in the backyard.


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