Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Little Drive

 I was supposed to drop something off this afternoon before picking up Chloe.  Well, somewhere between the trip to the Safeway pharmacy and the roadblock, I forgot. It took about fifteen minutes to finally get to a place where I could go around the road block...but I managed to take a picture of the excitement from a distance.  I saw an ambulance, a firetruck, and enough cop cars to take down a major crime family.  My assumption, since there is a school down that way, was that a kid may have been hit.  I don't know, though. I hope it wasn't.
Still, you can imagine that that and the cops in plain clothes and plane unmarked cars were enough to take my mind off track.  So, I went and picked up Chloe and we headed for the post office, our usual next stop.  It was here that my mind finally jumped back on track.  I forgot to do my errand!
 So, I told her we were going to drive into town and drop something off and then come back home.  She was okay with that.  She seems to like shopping.  I dropped by the house first to drop off my bag and the mail.  I asked if she wanted to come in.  She said, "I stay in truck, Daddy."  I rushed in and when I came out I was carrying a sippy cup of juice, a bag of goldfish crackers, and her Lovee.  She was happily surprised!

We had no sooner gotten onto the highway, back to town, when she announced that she had to go potty.  This has become a common occurrence.  Whenever we go somewhere, no matter how recently she has gone potty, she will tell us she needs to visit the potty of nearly every store we go to.  I'm not sure what this tour-de-restrooms does for her, but as long as she is not peeing her panties, I guess I am okay with it.  I still manage to say, "NOT IT!" When Cora is along.

I asked her if she could hold it until we got to town, she said yes.  I think she thought we were really going to go shopping.  When we arrived at our destination, it looked like it was closed.  I got out and tried the door.  It was open, so I ran back to the truck and grabbed the item.  I ran in quickly and dropped it off and ran back out.  Chloe was clearly miffed because she did not get to get out.  She asked if we were now going to go shopping.  I told her no, we were going to go home.  She said she wanted to go shopping.  I told her we didn't need anything at the store, so we were going home.

I took out my camera and tried to get a photo of her.  She turned her head and pointedly would NOT look at me while I had the camera, saying, "No Daddy."    
She certainly has a personality!

Independent too!  Here she is washing her own hands.  You could hear the narration:  "Only one."  (this in reference to the number of pumps for soap, even though she washed her hands about six times)  She also said, "turn on." and "too cold."  All this was accompanied by grunts and breathing because of the way she holds herself up on the sink.  She really is TOO funny!

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Grandma L said...

Where there is a will, there is a way, even if you are 2 years old. She has the will. She is funny.