Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Part 2

This was my second Father's Day as an honoree.  I enjoyed it!  We got a couple bicycles and all the accouterments to go with them.  We got a seat for Chloe and helmets.  It was fun.  We went for our first bike ride yesterday morning.  Chloe is still sick, and we probably should have stayed home, but it was a short ride and it was really warm out, so I say it was ok.  She enjoyed it and so did Dad and Mom.  Of course, we both found a few new muscles, but we meant for that to happen.  We want to exercise more and bicycling is as high or as low impact as you make it...we are pretty low!  I wanted to go out again yesterday afternoon, but the wind kept blowing and Chloe seemed to be no better.

I called in to work last night since we felt it would not be fair to Chloe to go to a new daycare (Only on Mondays for the summer) while she was sick and also it would not be fair to the daycare, either.  I am glad I did call in, because she was up most of the night, and when she wasn't she was sleeping on me.  Or crying in my ear.  Poor thing.  I wish I could figure out how to stop her waiting up crying.  Especially since she wakes every soul in the house when she does.

Now everyone is awake to some degree.  Cora has to go to work and I get to stay with Chloe.  I think we will take it easy and hope she begins to feel better.  I'll be shoving food down her tiny gullet as much as possible, the kid eats like a very tiny bird.  She hardly touched dinner last night.  Although, she did eventually put away two mushrooms and a little zucchini, if i had not sneaked a piece of steak onto one of those zucchinis, she probably wouldn't have had any protein.

Wish I could go for another bike ride.  It was unexpectedly fun!  I thought it might not be, but we both enjoyed it and Chloe is a champ.  Here's to more Father's Days like this one! (minus the sick kid and wind)   


Charissa said...

Happy Father's Day!!! Sorry the wee one is sick... Take pictures of new bikes. Someone on one would be cool too ;-]
Love sis

Anonymous said...

3 Days and silence? Did you drop "Precious"..

love sis