Monday, July 2, 2012


Yesterday began with a little girl climbing into bed with her mommy and me.  She left seconds later to retrieve her pillow.  Since Cora had gotten up with her the day before, i elected to do the job. Despite my hopes, Cora was awake and decided to get up shortly after Chloe and I left to gave her peace and quiet.

We decided to go for a bike ride.  Not just any bike ride for us, though.  We decided to use the rack we bought for the job.  We traveled to the local bicycling spot and ended up riding about 6 1/2 to 7 miles all told.  Chloe got to visit two playgrounds and rode the entire way very nicely.  We even saw two snakes.  One was a garter snake which disappeared quickly.  The other was a baby bull snake, which managed to hide the second time I rode past him, but the third time I saw him and captured him.  If only for a few minutes to show Chloe.  

By the time we were done we were close to tired, but it felt good.
 We came home and went back to town to do the shopping.  Unfortunately, that ate into nap time and Chloe ended up fighting sleep and not getting a nap when we did get home.  She lay in her bed an hour talking and singing...but would not sleep!
 So we got her up and we all playing in the back yard.  Chloe in the sprinkler.  Cora and I in a chair watching her.  She didn't stay in the sprinkler long but she seemed to be enjoying herself nonetheless.  We had burgers for dinner.
 It was a good day!

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