Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend In Pictures

 Below you see us at the beginning of the trip.  We stopped at Brooks Memorial for a potty break.   We saw some rabbits and had a go at the swings.

We went fishing Saturday.

 I don't have a fishing license, but I have a camera.

 When we got to our camping spot, after slogging through rain that made us wonder if we would spend the weekend sheltering from the storm, we found Papa Mel.  He took Chloe for a walk to the store and she came back with a train whistle.  Each time they went, she came back with something different.  Chloe thought the store was awesome, especially since she was with someone other than Mommy and Daddy.
 My beautiful wife really enjoyed herself, but I caught her being serious.
 Chloe really enjoyed her first boat ride, especially riding in the chop.

 There I got one of her smiling that lovely smile!
 Papa Mel caught a few Sturgeon.  Here you can see the first one is on its way.
 it was ALMOST a keeper.
 It lacked anout an inch and a half of being a keeper!
 Chloe enjoyed the whole time.  She watched for trains when there were no fish on the line.
 or played peekaboo with me.

 Another sturgeon.

 At the dock after the fishing excursion.
 I awoke Sunday morning to the whine of a jack russel and a full bladder.  We went for a long walk and, being me, I took my camera.  This is what I saw.
Sunday morning, she came back to camp with her mommy and told me to be quiet because Nana and Papa were still asleep.
 Sunday, on the way home, we stopped at Bonneville Dam.  We went and saw the fish ladders and the fish hatchery.

 At the fish hatchery they had rainbow trout and sturgeon...the sturgeon were BIG!

 I saw this photographer outside the gift shop.
 Cora took the camera on the way home.
 She shot everything from barns to cows and horses.  She seemed to be having fun. 
To say we had a fun weekend would be to understate things!

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Lorrene said...

It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for showing the pictures.