Saturday, June 2, 2012

Not Just Another Day

 Sometimes a date holds a meaning.  Now, as a history teacher, a good many dates hold meaning to me.  June second is NOT the day we invaded Normandy beaches.  It is not the day that the Union won at Battle of Gettysburg.  Sadly, it is the date that my best friend James Coder passed.  This I shall never forget.

Jim is almost always on my mind.  Yet, I can have some fun and live on this date.  We went to the park today.  I think Chloe's Uncle Jim would have liked a day such as this.  He probably would have sung her a song.
 It turned out to be a lovely day.  The weather having decided that summer is going to be early, we enjoyed the sun!  We enjoyed each other's company.  Life is good.

 It was a good day.
We also got to see Uncle Dennis and Aunt Karen today.  Oh, and Great Grandma L!  Chloe seemed to find Uncle Dennis more than a little interesting.  We had a good time getting caught up!  Sounds like we won't have trouble finding a place to stay when we visit the McChord Air Expo this summer!Chloe likes airplanes, so that will be awesome!

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Katie D. said...

Of course she found Uncle Den interesting..he is a crazy man!! :) Just watch out for water guns, he teaches her how to turn them on you!