Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Surprises

It is late.  I am still awake, which is weird, since I SHOULD, by all rights, be tired.  I am.  I just have not been overcome by sleep yet.  I guess it's excitement.  We are finally going to do something on the weekend!  We are going to go camping with my in-laws.

Which is fortunate, since we managed to cobble together only our tent, awning, chairs, sleeping bags, and a few other items.  Food?  PAH!  Cooking utensils and stove?  Never seen 'em.  Why, you ask, are you doing something so frivolous?  Well, the short answer is: We're camping with my in-laws!  They have made it an art and if there be camping masters, then they be the masters (in French, I believe that would be Le Masters)!  We were told they had everything.  So, that makes it easy.  We will just get to go spend some time with them.  Chloe will get to fish for the first time.

You know her Papa even got a special fishing reel for her!  AND a life jacket.  And, truth be told, they might argue that their wonderful larger, and more seaworthy boat was purchased with the grandchildren in mind.  So, all in all, Papa is going to introduce Chloe to the world of fishing in STYLE!!  She's already spoiled, but the grandparents just want to make sure.

We are happy to leave the valley.  The past few months have done their damage and we have survived.  We don't have our fishing licenses, so I guess I will take pictures and Cora will help where ever she can.  Of course, the other option is relaxation.  We might get to read a book or enjoy the scenery.  Whatever, as long as it ain't here!

I'll be taking my camera.  Well, that's a stupid statement.  OF COURSE I'll be taking my camera.  Now, will I use it?  HELL YEAH!  If only I could get paid for pushing the shutter release.  Alas, I simply supply an unlimited number of photos to the internet for free.  One day, somewhere, someone will say, "Hey, Jim, will you take pictures of me?"  and I will say yes.  They'll say, "Ya know, you're such a talented photographer, I'm going to pay you to take photos of whatever you want."  I'll say, "Heck yeah!" and the rest will be history...of course, until that day, I will battle with the elements during the summer and battle with the students the rest of the year.

Have I mentioned that I have been working my ever-loving tail off this week?  I have.  We started by taking stuff to the dump, then moving exercise equipment (much of it was from yard sales and inches away from the scrap pile, but, alas, it was rescued by a well-meaning coach).  Then we began to move one school to another.  One classroom at a time.  I think we did well, considering some of the trials and tribulations we encountered.  We had an ill truck, which the mechanic managed to coax into life, then we had a piece of the truck fall off and almost get lost.  Finally, we almost ran out of gas.

The final part is the funniest.  This particular vehicle, called the "Old Food Service Van" by those of us in the know, has two tanks.  However, to read the fuel level, you read it exactly opposite of a normal vehicle.  If that SOB says its tanks are full, you'd better be looking for gas.  If it says the tanks are empty, you're golden!  Yeah.  We almost ran out of gas today.  Through no fault of my own!  I gassed it up on Wednesday...but apparently we have been driving all over Timbuktu and it nearly ran us out of gas!  We managed to creep home on fumes, but it was not without its moments.

Ah, you have to love drama!

Now, on with the weekend!  I can't wait to share all the pictures!  Chloe with her first know, the usual.

Did I mention?  I may get a chance to try some night time landscapes.  It's true!  I cannot wait!  you will see the photos as soon as I can post them!

I went into the shed the other night.  I was looking for camping stuff, but I stumbled across a lot of photographic material.  It was stuff my uncle had and I, being the photographer, inherited.  I was amazed that I had filters for my Argus C-3 just laying around.  Too bad it costs so much to use film.  Still, I found an old tripod which is tons more durable than the little tiny thing I have been making due with!  I have a ton of options open to me.  I only hope I can find the perfect mix!

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