Monday, June 27, 2011

Wet and Wild

 We had some work in the backyard to do yesterday.  We faced a dilemma, though:  INSUFFICIENT BACKYARD TOYS to keep Chloe from getting into trouble.  Cora's mom helped with that by letting us borrow her Little Tykes slide and we bought a small chair and would have thought we had found a small part of heaven in the backyard!  She utterly loves water!
 Splashing. Pouring. Drinking...she isn't picky.
 She was particular that her outside chair be IN the pool.  Every time we pulled it out so she could have more room to splash she got out and put it back in.
 And like her parents, she really likes to read in the why should pool time be any different?

 After nap she got changed and helped Dad get the grill going.  We found she likes to dig, so we are trying to accommodate her.  Sand box?  Not yet.  Right now she has some bark in the flower garden and she loves walking around with a shovel in her hands.
 But, picking up a book is good too.
We managed to clean the yard up pretty good.  Still looks like a group of hobos picked up and left, but the worst of the construction mess has been picked up and made kid friendlier.  I also managed to pull weeds and spray those I did not pull.  Overall, it was a productive and enjoyable day.

Mainly, because after we did all the work, we both relaxed in the shade during nap time and read our books drinking cool liquids and enjoying each others' company.

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SpunkyBookworm said...

SOOOOO adorable in her little sun outfit!! I definitely prefer the hose water to anything!!