Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally a Chance to Read Potter Electronically!

Cora and I have been fans of the Harry Potter series for quite some time.  It began with Cora learning of the series and buying a book.  Then she read the second chapter to me and I've been hooked ever since.  We have gone so far as to buy two books when they came out and spend a weekend reading and enjoying sharing the experience.

The newest and final movie comes out in 21 days, so the count on my Facebook page says.  I am certain we will have to find a baby sitter for that night.

The past few days have been busy.  I have been working ten hour days and boy, those sure take up a large part of the day.  And after yesterday, I'm a bit sore.  We have been putting up whiteboards for a local school.  That in itself would not be horrible, but the things have to go on two floors and they are HEAVY!!!  That in itself would not be horrible, but there are absolutely no handholds!  And you have to be careful with them, since they do break rather easily, or so the packaging says.

Oh, did I mention that the old ones were attacked to the very foundations of the building?  They glued, screwed and nailed the things on...I guess they were afraid they'd be stolen.  So, it has been a slow, but painful process.  Still, I am in a better position than most subs.  So, don't consider this complaining, just acknowledgement that physical labor gets physical!  On the bright side, I get to work with one of my favorite coworkers.  Even when we are tired, we keep each other chuckling.  I like this job.  How many people actually LIKE going to work?

Below, we see Chloe doing as her mother asked: Smile!  (note:  That is Blue's Clues she is watching in the background...

 Then she relaxed and gave me a real one...but the whole process of tensing up, baring teeth, and squinting was wholly comical!
 My mouse usually rests there on the arm of my chair.  Chloe, however, deems that a bad place for a mouse and relocates it several times a day.  She is so helpful.
 She USED to try to STOP Gypsy's tail from wagging, but last night it wasn't wagging ENOUGH, so she decided to help.

If we get up, our chair is fair game, and anything within reach is therefore in imminent danger of becoming toddler domain.  She is NOT supposed to lean so far out from the chair, we have had long discussions, but she continues to try to prove that she can do it without getting hurt...MOST of the time...I love being able to say, "I told you so," but having to hold it back because that's immature.
 She is full of energy at all times and could probably power a small city with just her wiggles.  I wouldn't have it any other way.
Chloe's strep test came back negative and the Doctor told me they could not treat it, whatever it was, except to treat the we did, waiting for the strep test and losing many hour's sleep and feeling horrible because we could do little to make her feel better.  The 24 hour strep test turning into a 48 hour test.  Finally she began to get her appetite back and sleep better, and then they called and said that she was strep negative, but was there anything else they could do for us?  I withheld some comebacks and general observations on the way they handle patients and choked out a, "thank you, no," through gritted teeth.


jade said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this post, you managed to make me smile again! (just had to say goodbye to my 2year old who's off to the seaside with my mother for a whole week, have been feeling more than horrible since the car drove off)

Glad to read Chloe's feeling better and that you're happy working with a nice person (but 10 hours a day? don't you deserve holidays just like any other teacher??)

As for the glimpse of Blue's Clues: was that famous Steve on the image or the other one?

SpunkyBookworm said...
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