Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Old Friend

 Kathy stopped by today to see Chloe.  She has been a friend since high school.  She has always been a bright light in an otherwise dismal sea of faces.  She also managed to single-handedly help us with some cash for our trip to China.  She is one awesome woman!  We met her at the park and boy did Chloe enjoy herself!

Kathy brought gifts: a sure way into my daughter's heart. ( Especially if it's a cool gift.  )  She brought an automatic bubble blower thingy...and that thing is going to get use this summer!

Chloe likes...make that LOVES bubbles.
 She even had this to say to Kathy as we parted! (that is her blowing a kiss)
 I also noted the jewelry that Kathy wore...made for a fun picture!


jade said...

Very cool picture of the jewelry, looks & sounds like a very cool friend too, but I still vote for the Chloe pictures in her VERY lovely dress! Is that another one by Cora?

SpunkyBookworm said...

I love these pics! Kathy looks great!!