Monday, June 6, 2011

Weather or Not

 Have I mentioned I like my camera?  Because, I do.  I also like editing the pictures.  Of course the next thing up would allow me to edit them in RAW format, that is with ALL the information the camera picked up, not the condensed version that is relayed by JPGs, oh well, a fellow can dream.  In the meantime, I can enjoy what I have.
 These were just snapshots that I played with...I'll probably tire of this new technique but until then you are likely to see a few of these every once in awhile.
I think it really makes an average picture pop.  I mean, seriously, look at those clouds!

We had a good weekend.  I managed to put in another section of sidewalk to our shed...I was a one man concrete team.  Mix, pour, smooth, mix, sweat, pour, smooth, sweat, mix, pour, smooth, sweat, mix...well, you get the picture.

I taught middle schoolers today.  I have to say, this particular batch was a bit much!  I was remembering corporal punishment and wishing it still I might be on the better end of it, but alas, we are not allowed...I just had to issue detentions and watch the kids laugh and then chuckle with their parents/caretakers when they called to say they were in trouble...again.  No wonder this class was such a horrible bunch.  They kids had no will to learn.  No one at home supported school attempts at discipline.  Why?  What is the problem?  My suspicions is that it has much to do with the local culture and the low incomes of the parents.  The parents don't even seem to care that they are crippling their children's opportunities.  I can see why some teachers just burn out.

Fortunately, our daughter will suffer no such handicap.  In fact today we gave her an experience that I hope grows with her.  We took her to a children's gymnastics practice.  I think she absolutely loves it.  She is an awesome kid and I cannot believe I am part of the duo who will screw her up!  All kids get screwed up somehow (that's my opinion) and they still live.  I just hope that the way we screw her up is complimentary to her personality and doesn't close her opportunities for doing what she wants.     

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