Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

My first Father's Day.  Who knew it would ever come?  I wasn't terribly upset when it passed in the past, but it is different when it finally gets here.  I guess I am shell shocked.  It's great being a father.  My daughter is the best little thing on two legs, and even though she is quite trying at times (we are entering the terrible twos) she is every bit a reason to smile every day.  Even now she is sitting in Mommy's lap looking at a book with pictures of China and making the appropriate noises for the different animals in the book.  She is remarkably careful with the pages.

She greets us every morning with a cheery chirp or a "Hi-eee."  She is a happy little girl and so full of energy and the urge to explore that sometimes I think she might run us ragged.

We went to the book store last night and she found the table in the children's section with beads that follow metal wires...she went between that and a Leap Pad toy that was at her level...we would walk back and forth, spending a little time at each.  I was impressed with her ability to be good!

She is so stinking cute that even children who don't know her wave and smile at her.  Strangers walk up and tell us how cute she is, as though we were unable to work that one out on our own.  It is an occupational hazard, I suppose, but working with such cuteness everyday does NOT make us immune.  I just don't know what the safe dosage level is.  I suspect we should get some sort of cuteness level reader badges, that way we know how much we have been exposed to, just in case something happens to us and the scientists want to know what exposure to such concentrated cuteness does, they will have data on us and be able to begin studies on similar cases...That's why we sacrifice our time and health to this child, all for the good of humanity.

So, given that we spend everyday with this wonderfully cute child, I just can't get over that there is a day set aside for Hallmark to make cards for me!  How cool!

And for Father's Day I got a wonderful little card handed to me by a munchkin that when you press the belly of Elmo, he says, "Elmo loves you!"

I am a lucky man, married to a wonderful woman, and father of the sweetest child around.  Happy Father's Day!


Lorrene said...

Happy first fathers day to you. I think Chloe is lucky to have you for her father.

jade said...

Yes, I think that you deserve this day a lot! Hope it was only the first of a long set of very nice Father's Days - as for cuteness, you can never get enough, don't worry about overdoses!