Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Night Sights

 I don't remember if i showed my sidewalk.  I meant to.  It's been so busy though, it has become a sidewalk to no where...That block on the side is something that Cora and I did back in 2002! It has our hand prints and Toby's and Sully's paw prints.  And it looks like I have a lot of lawn work to do!

Chloe is such a card!  She is becoming quite a ham for the camera!
 I took a picture of Cora's car tonight...what d'ya think?  Looks like it needs to be washed.


Charissa said...

It looks like it wants to live in the country with 2 goats, a llama, and a horse. We could arrange that for you, we have a pick up we could trade you..

She's a Q-T!

SpunkyBookworm said...

The clouds trump the car!
That is why my car's silver. I only have to wash it a couple times a year. It's so pretty when I do, though.

jade said...

Ouch, forgot to comment on the sidewalk! It looks very nice, reminds me of a part in The Hobbit, but can't remember the exact words, about a road that goes on and stuff... You need to get Chloe's foot and handprints on the last part... But I can imagine it'll have to wait until the summer job is over, every back needs a break now and then!