Saturday, June 4, 2011

Submarine and Cousins!

 We went shopping for a bit.  We also ended up at the sail of the submarine USS Triton.  Chloe came dressed accordingly.

 I think she enjoyed it.
 We stopped in and visited with my sister.  My BIL, Scott, recently got a new motorcycle and was proud to show us the new addition.  What a smooth sounding bike!  And sharp looking, too!  We will have to get him some black leathers and a helmet with spikes...
 They were shearing the llama when we arrived.  The llama was less than pleased about the attention.
 I tried to help at one point, but she took a distressing interest in me.  I cannot say that llama breath is...pleasing.  Especially in close proximity.  It seemed to be a matter of llama drama.
 Chloe got to see her cousins.  I think she enjoyed it!  This is her and the newest nephew.
 She also got to find out about sprinklers and fearlessly faced it with a smile!
 The kids were moving so fast it was hard to get a decent shor.

 And this is Bree, much happier after being sheared.
We came home and relaxed!  It was a great day!


Lorrene said...

Great shots. Chloe is small, but she really looks small by the side of the submarine. That little nephew is growing so fast, he'll be in the thick of it very soon.

Charissa said...

We had fun too! The llama looked like she wanted to keep you, or go home with you away from these crazy people.